Vlerick Business School
Entrance Exam Preparation

To gain entry into the Vlerick Business School prospective students must take an entrance exam. This exam includes three parts:

  • an analytical test
  • a verbal test and
  • a face-to-face interview with a school representative

VBAT Preparation

The VBAT is a comprehensive exam similar to a GMAT® or GRE® covering analytical and verbal sections that can be difficult for many students who have not prepared. 

The Erasmus Center teachers are familiar with the admission process and can guide you through the tutoring needed for all three parts of the Vlerick Admissions.  Our VBAT preparation is individualised to your learning needs and designed to get you the best score possible on the exam. 

After a fully simulated VABAT  diagnostic exam , we will develop a tutoring plan specific to your diagnostic results and then present the options for paid tutoring to you.

Erasmus Center also offers regular FREE Seminars on exam preparation topics and admissions processes.

Vlerick Business School

Free VBAT Diagnostic Test

The Erasmus Center offers you a free diagnostic test so we can best understand your level of understanding and develop a personalised plan for your tutoring. This is a fully simulated test under real exam conditions. Tests are given weekly – contact us and schedule your test today.

Get expert help on all parts of the exam

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Why a live tutor better than an online prep course?

  • You can ask our expert instructors all your questions. The interactive Questions & Answers is one of the most important features of the practice exam and tutoring.
  • You’ll get personal feedback. Because the test is about understanding the concepts and materials, talking to a live person will give you the advantage you need to master the test.
  • You’ll get professional training. Simply knowing the test material is not enough – our expert advice is designed to help you take the VBAT test with confidence.

VBAT Preparation Courses


  • Covers all 3 sections of the VBAT
  • 3+ hours
  • 3 to 20 students
  • Saturday @ 10AM
  • Practice VBAT tests and Personalized Report

Paid One-on-One VBAT Prep

  • Work on your specific needs in all the sections
  • Minimum 6 hours
  • 1 student
  • Schedule defined according to your availabilities
  • Study material and practice tests included

Book your free diagnostic test today

  • 03/22/2023

Verlick and VBAT are terms used for the Verlick Business School which is not associated with Erasmus Center, ASBL.  The Verlick Business School (Verlick) does not endorse Erasmus Center, ASBL publications, services or products.