The LSAT® Exam

The standard for Law School admissions in the United States and Canada

LSAT® Exam Preparation

To prepare you for your  LSAT® Test it is vital that you understand the five sections of the exam and how to respond to the questions. Because it is timed and fast paced exam, preparation is a key element.

At the Erasmus Center Brussels, you will meet a team of exam expters who will be helpful and flexible in their teaching style with expert advice on the stragety of taking the exam and practice and skill in asnwering the LSAT® questions.

Ready for the LSAT® Test ?

Ready for the LSAT® exam?

Free LSAT® Diagnostic Test

The Erasmus Center provides a LIVE FREE  LSAT® Practice Test in Brussels. This Practice Test is designed to create a custom plan for you, based on your practice test. Our team of Education Consultants will evaluate your score and recommend a plan of paid  tutoring designed specifically for your needs to increase your exam score.

Why is live tutoring better than online tutoring?

  • Working with a teacher in a one-on-one environment is always advantageous and allows for interaction and communication on specific items of interest
  • Our teachers will provide feedback and diagnostic advice for each individual. This allows the student to focus on the areas that are needed for improvement specific to your needs to increase your LSAT® score.
  • You will get expert training about the test and how to reason for the test questions. Simply memorising test material online is not enough – we go the extra step to ensure that you understand the concepts.
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LSAT® Courses Options

Paid Private

  • Work on your specific needs
  • Number of hours fixed upon a diagnostic test
  • 1 student
  • Schedule fixed according to your availabilities
  • Study material and practice tests included

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Thanks for helping me to prepare my LSAT. Your support made the difference.
Alex D., Lawyer
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