The  IELTS™ Exam

This is the exam that showcases your skills to admissions professionals and prepares you to be successful in the classroom.

IELTS™ Test Preparation

The IELTS™ Course is a great way for students to learn the skills needed to succeed on the IELTS™ exam. The course has been designed to give students the skills they need to improve their score in a short amount of time. The course uses authentic test materials so students can practice and prepare for all the sections of the test while gaining confidence in the test itself.

At the Erasmus Center Brussels, you will meet a team who will be helpful and flexible in its teaching style, through the several types of IELTS™ courses including individual tutoring and group programs to help you achieving your target score.

Erasmus Center also offers Free Seminars on IELTS™ , test preparation and admissions processes.

Ready for the IELTS™ Test ?

Free IELTS™ Diagnostic Exam

The Erasmus Center is providing a LIVE FREE IELTS Practice Test in Brussels. This Practice Test is designed to create a custom study plan just for you. After your exam one of our Education Consultants will offer a tailored course plan, based on your personal score, so you can achieve your desired test result.

Why is live tutoring better than an online tutor?

  • You can ask our expert instructors all your toughest questions  – the interactive questions & answers is one of the most important features of working with our teachers
  • You will  get personal help and feedback from your teacher. Personal feedback is key to you mastering the skills you need by knowing your strenghths and weaknesses
  • You will get expert training. Simply knowing the test material is not enough. Our expert advice is designed to help you take the test with confidence
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IELTS™ Prep Courses


  • Cover the fours sections of the IELTS
  • 3+ hours
  • 3 to 20 students
  • Saturday @ 10AM
  • Practice tests and Personalized Report

Paid One-on-One IELTS™ Prep

  • Work on your specific needs in all the sections
  • Minimum 6 hours
  • 1 student
  • Schedule defined according to your availabilities
  • Study material and practice tests included

Prepare for the IELTS™ Exam

using the best learning materials now at an amazing price!

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The exam went fine, I reached the 7 I needed in the writing part and I could register to the medical council in London! So really thank you very very much again for your precious help, guys!
Valeria F., Doctor
Here are my IELTS :

Listening: 8.0
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 7.5
I can know apply to LSE! Thank you for your service.

Guillaume C., Lobbyist
I was once an IELTS candiate and with great joy, I say that I had an
overall band score of 7.0 This was made possible by the intensive private
lesson that I participated before sitting for the exam.

The private lessons did not only make me pass my exams but it contributed
tremendously to my general knowledge. The learning environment was friendly,
different and pleasing. The teacher was dedicated to helping me in difficult tasks.
He was able to to see my mistakes and then correct it.

I know that with the help of the intensive lessons, I definitely improved in every aspect of the IELTS
Exam. Also, I am optimistic that those who would participate in the intensive course will
come out in flying colours.

Becky I., Employee
I have just checked the site and I’m incredibly amazed and surprised. I got 7,5 and I have 9 at reading, 7 at listening and 6,5 at speaking and writing.
Thanks a lot for such a useful, helpful and crucial preparation. This is an exciting feeling!
Nikita G., Student
I just got my results of the IELTS-test and I got a 7. That was my goal so I’m very happy about it.
Noemie H.
I got a 6 in my IELTS! Thanks a lot, I am so happy!
Maroussia P.
I have just received my IELTS results:
Listening: 7.0
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 8.0
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 7.5
Thanks for everything.

Miguel D., Employee
I had a 7.0 in the IELTS!!! I was accepted at NEU in Boston I’m so glad!
Thanks for the lessons! It really helped me.
June C., Student
Good morning.
I just received my IELTS results. I got an overall of 7 with 7 in the reading, speaking and listening and 6.5 in writing.
I am happy. Thanks for your support and advice.
Britta W., Teacher
I wanted to let you know that I got an 8 at the Ielts!
Thank you so much for everything!
Alienor B., Student
I have just received my ielts results. I got a 7,5 with 7 in writing, 7,5 in speaking and reading and 8,5 in listening. Thank you so much for your time and your clear explanation, it really helped (and the pen even though I was not allowed to use it).I promise to recommend the Erasmus center!
Alex D., Student
Overall Band 7.0
I am so glad. I reached my target: 7
Listening 6.5
Reading 7.5
Writing 6.0
Speaking 7.5


Marie-Astrid M., Student
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