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The GMAT® Course is a great way for students to quickly learn the skills needed to succeed on the  GMAT® exam.  The course has been designed to give students the skills they need to improve their score in a short amount of time. Our paid GMAT® prep course uses authentic test materials so students can practice and prepare for all the sections of the test while gaining confidence for the actual exam itself.

At the Erasmus Center  you will meet a team who will be helpful and flexible in its teaching style. Through several types of GMAT® classes, we will develop a personalised plan for your learning based on the results of your diagnostic test.

The Erasmus Center also offers FREE GMAT® Practice Tests and Free  GMAT® Seminars.

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Our FREE GMAT® Practice Test Offer

The Erasmus Center is providing a LIVE FREE GMAT® Practice Test in Brussels. This Practice Test is designed determine your current score before any training. Based on the results of your practice test,  one of our Education Consultants will develop and offer a course plan tailored to your specific needs.

Why is a live tutor better than on online class?

  • You can ask our expert instructors all your questions. The interactive Questions & Answers is one of the most important features of the GMAT® Practice Exam and Courses.
  • You’ll get personal feedback. Working with a live person will give you the advantage you need to master the  GMAT® exam and to understand every section of your diagnostic practice test.
  • You’ll get professional GMAT® training. Simply knowing the test material is not enough – our expert advice is designed to help you take the test with confidence.

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I wanted to tell you that my GMAT exam went quite well as I got 710 (47 for Quantitative & 40 for Verbal) as unofficial score report. I also wanted to thank you for your help in this matter, it would have been really complicated without you!
Arthur D., Student
I just scored a 770 at the GMAT today. I just wanted to thank you for all the help
Jean-Francois B., Advisor
I’m writing you this email to give some feedback regarding my GMAT.I did it this morning and I reached the score I was looking for. I have 620 (I targeted 600). Thanks for helping me with this test.
Damien D., Employee
I heard today, that I was accepted on the GEMBA programme I applied to, that starts in November. I am so relieved, because I sat the GMAT exam last week and it was hard, and as you know, these exams are draining. I am grateful to you for helping me on my journey and for giving me a taste for enjoying maths. I am not an Einstein and am not intuitive in the subject, but I am very glad that I went back to my school girl roots to re learn stuff I had forgotten.
With best wishes and thanks
Julie N., Lawyer
I am happy to let you know that I did my Gmat last week and I had a score of 700. This means that I can start my master next September. I would like to thank you for giving me the tools to master this hurdle!
Mark G., Manager
You probably already guessed, but I managed to get my score to get into my college on the first GMAT. This was my goal, so I am very pleased.
Jenny L., Student

Why Choose Us?

We provide a customised one-on-one personal plan for each student. You are treated as an individual and not part of a group or just sent online to learn the GMAT preparation material. For us, each student is special and deserves their own test prep plan tailored to their needs. Our unique GMAT prep course methodology allows you to achieve the best score possible. Our only priority is for you to achieve your target score.

Our native English speaking teachers and staff care about your success as much as you do! We are #1 in Brussels in offering the best GMAT prep course for our students. We ensure high quality learning strategies and materials tailored to your personal needs.

Please schedule a meeting with our friendly team and let us create a personalised learning experience for you!

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