Why Test Preparation Help?

Students (and their parents) struggle with deciding on what college, university or graduate school is a perfect fit for them. Once they know where they want to study, they are often overwhelmed with admission requirements and tests.

At Erasmus Center, we take the stress away from this process through our personalised and unique one-on-one coaching. Our expert and caring staff will be with  you every step of the way.

Our highly trained teachers will identify your strengths and needs. Based on those, they will develop a unique plan for you. The result? 100% satisfied students, 98% of them achieve the score they want for their exams. Success is just around the corner. Our mission is to get you there.

Our Approach

Our test preparation strategy is based on the following tried and tested elements:

Our mission is to give our students a 100% personalised learning experience. We assess your academic abilities, personal interests, circumstances and objectives. This allows us to create a unique learning plan that is fully adapted to your needs.
Our experts will assess you continually throughout the course to identify your very own strengths and areas of opportunity.  It is only then, when they can help you address your weak spots, while making the most out of those areas in which you excel. This is how our personalised teaching methodology at Erasmus Center guarantees better test results than institutions that offer a “one size fits all” approach to learning.
Experience has taught us that true learning is more than just memorizing rules, figures and facts. Real learning happens through a meaningful understanding of the underlying principles of a subject area. This is why we decided to take a holistic approach.

Our Teachers

At Erasmus Center, we believe that our teachers contribute greatly to our students success. This is why we employ only the most academically qualified teachers as candidates. 

Our teachers go through an extensive training program before they are allowed to teach. Once a teacher is part of our staff, they are assessed regularly. We make sure our teachers deliver the high results we expect them to. Also, we ask students to give us feedback on their teacher’s performance.

We monitor our tutors to guarantee that they remain in touch with the latest trends in teaching and are up-to-date on all curriculum change.