Why Test Preparation Help?

Deciding to go to college, university or graduate school can be a challenging task. Once you have made that decision then you discover that you have tests and preparation needed – all of which can be overwhelming and stressful. And it’s not just the students, but for the parents as well.
At the Erasmus Center we are here to help make this process less stressful for everyone. Through our personalized and unique one-on- one test preparation options and experienced and caring staff, we guide students and parents through the array of tests.
Using our over 98 years of combined teaching experience, we identify each student’s strengths and needs; then to develop an individual plan using our proven teaching methods. Our results show that our students are satisfied with our services and 98% achieve the scores that they want for the exams. With our programs we prepare you for your exam and when it comes test day the test is now familiar. With less anxiety, you can succeed better.

Our Approach

Our test preparation strategy is based on the following tried and tested elements:

Our mission to provide a learning experience that is tailored to meet your individual needs. We start with an in initial consultation where we assess your academic abilities, personal interests, circumstances and ambitions. This allows us create a learning plan that is unique and adapted to your needs.
Since our main courses are personalized it is all about your specific needs. Throughout the course we will continually assess your development and identify your strengths and weaknesses so that we can help you address areas of weakness, while making the most out of areas in which you excel.  By treating you as an individual, and getting to know what works for you as an individual, we are able to guarantee higher test results than institutions that offer a “one size fits all” approach to learning.
While we never forget that test results are of vital importance, experience has shown us that the learning process is about much more than simply memorising sets of rules, figures and facts. True knowledge and understanding comes from an intuitive grasp of the underlying principles of a subject area, discovered through real life circumstances and application. We therefore take a holistic approach, putting what could be dry facts into useful, stimulating, true-to-life contexts that engage you and, through practical application, extend and deepen your understanding.

Our Teachers

To prepare you for your test it is vital that you work with an expert. Not only do we only employ academically qualified teaching professionals, but we put them through a rigorous application and interview process that includes teaching a one-on-one lesson simulation.

We put all our teachers through an extensive training programme before they are allowed to teach, and we regularly assess their performance in delivering high test results and in assessing student feedback over the less tangible elements that go into making a good teacher – approachability, helpfulness, flexibility in teaching style, and personality.

To ensure the maximum possible test results for our students, we monitor our tutors to guarantee that they remain in touch with the latest trends in teaching and are up-to-date on all curriculum changes.