At the Erasmus Centre following our principle of blended learning, our teaching staff is dedicated to providing a dynamic learning environment that supports you as you get to grips with understanding both the underlying principles of a language, and how to apply those principles to everyday use.


To this end you will not only study the building blocks of a language; the grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, syntax and sentence construction with us, but also learn to understand itis use through role-play, listening comprehension, interactive oral exercises and much more.

This process is helped by the personal attention we give to each of our students, providing adaptive learning by incorporating your interests and aims into the learning process and dynamically adapting our methods to match your individual abilities, style and pace of learning.

Language is a Passion

Language is much more than a set of words and rules; it is the key to understanding another culture. By learning another language you gain a window into the soul of a people, the way they think, their cultural reference points, their art and literature.

Learning another language can also open up almost undreamed of opportunities for personal and career advancement and we therefore understand that our students are passionate in their desire to learn, and share that passion with them. As part of our course we take time to study newspapers, watch satellite television and engage with all aspects of the target culture to foster a fuller understanding of, and engagement with its language.

We use blended learning techniques here at the Erasmus Centre, combining face-to-face sessions with carefully guided self-learning using multimedia tools to provide a compelling and fun learning experience that is aimed at maintaining your interest and keeping you motivated throughout.

With a relaxed but carefully structured learning program that takes your needs into account with different course lengths, start dates, class sizes and choice of tutor, we are expert at providing the best possible opportunity for students to rapidly increase their abilities. Because courses are tailored to allow you to advance at your own pace, you gain the self-confidence needed to master your newly developing abilities.

Our Passion is Teaching

Our highly qualified native language tutors are dedicated to providing the most fun and rewarding learning experience possible and, as far as possible teach only in the target language.

This often involves the class working in pairs or as group to make conversation, with the tutor monitoring the students’ progress. All of our courses are designed in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages and are regularly assessed and adapted by our tutors to accommodate the changing needs of our students.

Keeping to our principle of adaptive learning, we assess your progress using a wide spectrum of techniques that measure your initial and final language abilities to accurately reflect how much you have advanced and at the end of a course you will be presented with a certificate stating your final results.