At Erasmus Center, we know how the times have changed. Life moves on fast and we rely on technology more than ever before. Which is why, we follow the principle of blended learning. We offer you the advantages of a face-to-face class and the practicality of online reinforcements.

You will study not only the building blocks of a language with us, but also understand the real-life use of the grammar and vocabulary you studied in class. We give you the opportunity to practice through our dynamic lessons with interactive oral exercises, role-play and much more.

Your knowledge acquisition will be fortified by the personal attention you will receive from our experts. They will incorporate your interests into your learning process by adapting our methods to match your abilities, style and pace of learning.

Language is a Passion

Learning a new language is more than just studying its grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Learning another language is opening your mind to understand a different people, the way they think, their cultural reference points, their art and literature.

By learning another language, you open up to endless possibilities for personal and professional growth. The sky’s the limit.  At Erasmus Center, we know you have a passionate desire to learn and we share that passion with you. Our commitment with you is that not only will you learn a language, but that you’ll be fully immersed in all the aspects of the target culture. 

You need to learn a language in a way that adapts to you 100%. We use the blended learning approach to guarantee your progress. That means we combine face-to-face sessions with carefully guided self-learning using multimedia tools to provide a compelling, meaningful and fun learning experience.

Your learning is best when your needs are fulfilled. The length of the course, its start date, the class size, the materials, the right tutor. It is all tailored to you.. We are expert at providing the best possible opportunity for you to rapidly develop and master your new language abilities.

Our Passion is Teaching

At Erasmus Center, we want you to have a meaningful, rewarding and fun learning experience. Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to it. Also, they teach in the target language as far as possible. This often involves the class working in pairs or as group to make conversation, with the tutor monitoring the students’ progress.

All of our courses are designed in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for  Languages, meaning your knowledge is prestigiously backed up and useful anywhere you go.

Tests are not the only tool we use to measure your progress. Keeping to our principle of adaptive learning, we use a wide range of techniques that reflect how much you have truly advanced in your language abilities. At the end of every course, you will be presented with a certificate stating your final results.