Apply in the US

For a young European athlete it is often the ideal solution to study in an American university with the help of a scholarship to help finance one´s studies and living expenses. The athletes can continue to develop themselves in superb training conditions while they retain bright future prospects in terms of academic standing. That said, there is no place on this planet where a better combination between studies and sport is offered than in the universities in the United States. However, the process itself to get to the right university can be long and above all very complicated. Therefore, OverBoarder LLC, founded by Benoît Matival and Dennis Mertens, assists young these young adventurous student-athletes into finding the right university for each individual athlete and everything involved within this process.

Their company simplifies the heavy and complex methods that discourage even the bravest candidates. They do not only negotiate the scholarship offers, but also grant its assistance with administrative paperwork for items like student visa application, insurance, certificates of finance, accommodation on campus, air tickets, clearance by the NCAA, etc. To obtain the scholarship itself, OverBoarder sets assessments for language and mathematics tests, creates a video of the athlete in action, translates and converts all the academic documents to American standards, etc. Over thousands of schools can be contacted but can also be filtered to only contact those schools that fit your individual needs. Benoit and Dennis make sure that you will always get several offers to choose from.

Of course there is a cost for this service. OverBoarder asks €2.890 for its 5-year full-service guidance. This sum is paid in 2 steps. What you get in return are scholarships that can get up to $50,000 per year. Depending on the level of the athlete, the student will obtain a scholarship that will enable him to finance a whole range of costs. In a lot of cases, the student does not have to pay one penny towards his education, books, coaching, travelling in America, sports equipment, housing, living expenses, etc.


If you are interested in university studies in America and when you hold a certain level in your sport, go to or call +32 478 41 00 72 to discover your options and possibilities