Educational planning begins with a personalized one-on-one meeting with one of our coaches. This allows us the opportunity to collect and review information that is important to the process. This includes gathering academic records, test results, and to discover the desires of the student.

After we have gathered the needed information we can then work with you to develop your personal plan and recommend what items and actions may be needed such as planning a strategy for tests and tutoring, identifying prospective colleges and universities that fit the student. When considering what institution to apply to we must review three key factors:

  1. Academics
  2. Social style 
  3. Admissibility

Individual guidance

The admissions process into schools, colleges and universities can be a complex and confusing one for many individuals. With our thorough understanding of admissions policies and procedures, and our extensive knowledge of the individual requirements and admissions preferences of many educational establishments, we can guide you on the steps needed to make to a successful application to the establishment of your choice.

Our independent educational planning gives students, parents and professionals the assistance they need to navigate the stressful process of identifying colleges and universities, discovering the academic testing requirements, and completing the application and essays.

We pride ourselves here at the Erasmus Center on giving good, sensible advice that goes beyond successful college admission. We help young people gain a clear vision of the possibilities available to them, and offer a clear path that they can follow by to realize ambitions.

College Admissions Requirements 2016

See our free guide: College Admissions Requirements 2016. It lists over 50 U.S. colleges along with tests and scores required.

Admissions Coaching in 5 Steps

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