At the Erasmus Centre we are keen on ensuring that you get the best start in life. Deciding what you want to do can be a difficult and stressful process and once decided, working out how best to achieve that goal can be complicated and confusing.

The Erasmus Centre can help with it’s personalized and tailored admissions coaching.

Individualized for You

The admissions process into schools, colleges and universities can be a complex and confusing one. With our thorough understanding of admissions policies and procedures and our extensive knowledge of the individual requirements and admissions preferences of a great many educational establishments, we can guide you on the steps needed to make a successful application to the establishment of your choice.

We pride ourselves here at the Erasmus Centre on giving good, sensible advice that goes beyond successful college admission, helping young people gain a clear vision of the possibilities available to them, and offering a clear path they can follow by which to realise their ambitions.

Admissions Coaching in 5 Steps