Welcome to the Erasmus Center

At the Erasmus Center we are committed to supporting our students to achieve their dreams.  With over 20 years in education, we have assisted thousands of students in test preparation, language courses and admissions.  As a non-profit our core mission is helping others.

Our teachers and staff are experts who chose the education field so that they can help others – we all enjoy working every day because we want to make you successful! We are here for you!

Our method is to teach by using the students skills and strengths to customize a personal one-on-one plan for learning using our unique methodology and learning tools.   Students do not have to adapt to the teacher, the teacher will adapt to them!

Our classes are personalized,  highly interactive, and we offer instant diagnosis and feedback.   Our teachers partner with our students to determine the student’s level by discussing progressively more difficult concepts. Once we reach the student’s level, we lead the student to arrive at the correct answer by themselves as opposed to just correcting them. As a result, students really understand what they need to improve.  The results and successes of our students show our unique methods work!

The Erasmus Center

Our mission is to help students to successfully achieve their goals.

We actively seek to work with motivated students who are eager to learn and who know that success comes with hard work.

We constantly review our methodology to make sure that we can guarantee our student’s success in all areas of our business.

We believe in making things greater than they are. That’s it.

We cannot hold our students on our back but we can show them the way to climb the mountain. It is sometimes not an easy way but we give our students all the ropes and the hooks they need to reach the top.